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Metin Bal, Proffesor Dr.

Dokuz Eylül University

Faculty of Letters

Department of Philosophy

 Tınaztepe Campus,

Postal Code: 35370 , İzmir, TURKEY,

Mobile: (++ 90) 506 536 00 30

Phone : ++ 90 (232) 412 79 03  - Extension number: 19411,

Fax: ++ 90 (232) 453 90 93

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Foreign Languages German  
Courses Instructed by him

● Ontology (Undergraduate program, Fall (III.) semester)

● Kant (Undergraduate  program, Fall (V.) semester)

● Existentialism (Undergraduate program, Fall (VII.) semester)

● Philosophy in Twentieth Century -II - (Undergraduate program, Fall (VII.) semester)

● Theories of Aesthetics and Art – I - (Graduate program, Fall (I.) semester)

● Kant and Critical Philosophy (Graduate program, Fall (I.) semester)

● Aesthetics and Art Theories (Non-Thesis MA program, Fall (I.) semester)

● The Possibilities of Metaphysics (Non-thesis MA program, Fall (III.) semester)

Existentialist Philosophers (Non-thesis MA program, Fall (III.) semester)

● Reading Aristotle (Non-thesis MA program, Fall (I.) semester)

● Heidegger (Ph.D. Program, Fall (I.) semester)

● Questions of The Philosophy of Aesthetics and Art (Ph.D. program, Fall (III.) semester)

● 20th Century Philosophical Movements (Ph.D. program in The Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Fall (I.) semester)

● Philosophy of Art (Undergraduate program, Spring (IV.) semester)

● Theories of Aesthetics (Undergraduate program, Spring (VI.) semester)

● From Mythos to Logos (Undergraduate program, Spring (IV.) semester)

● Therapeutic Philosophy (Undergraduate, Department of Psychology, Spring (VI.) semester)

● Contemporary Philosophy (Undergraduate, Department of Philosophy, Spring (VIII.) semester)

● Theories of Aesthetics and Art – II - (Graduate program, Spring (II.) semester)

● Existentialist Philosophy (Graduate program, Spring (II.) semester)

● Philosophical Questions Concerning Works of Art  (Non-thesis MA program, Spring (II) semester)

● Modernism and Postmodernism in Art (Ph.D. program, Spring (II. )semester)

● Art Movements and Philosophy (Undergraduate, Pool course, Faculty of Letters, Spring) semester)


The courses instructed by Metin Bal before 2013:


● The Problem of Concept and Meaning (MA), ● Hegel and Systematic Philosophy (MA)

● Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art (PhD), ● Heidegger and German Idealism (PhD)

● Ontology I (PhD), ● Ontology II (PhD)

20th Century Philosophy I, -  and II, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art I. and II. /

  Philosophy of Language I. and  II.  / Epistemology I & II, Phenomenology

Philosophy of History I - II,   Rhetorics, /   Philosophy of Being I. and II., /

  Introduction to Philosophy, / ● Philosophy of Art (for the Department of the History of Art),

Introduction to Philosophy (for the Department of Sociology), Ethics & Professional Ethics

Readings in Philosophy of Art, ● The Problem of Freedom

Philosophical Movements of the 20'th Century, ● Philosophical Destruction and Reconstruction

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07 April - 11 April 2014

Delivered a five-hour lecture for the undergraduate students in the department of philosophy at University of Malta (Msida-Malta) on "The Importance of the concept of "art" in Nietzsche's philosophy." (ERASMUS Staff Exchange Programme) For the content of lecture please click here.

Work Experience    
20 Şubat 2013 Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir.  
21 March 2012 Associate Proffesor.  
24 March 2010 - Adnan Menderes University, Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Science and Letters, Aydın.  
2009 March - 2010 March Assistant Proffesor, Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Science and Letters, Adıyaman University, Adıyaman / Turkey. Administrative Function: President.  
2005 December - 2009 February Research Assistant, Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Science and Letters, Dicle University, Diyarbakır / Turkey  
2005 Fall Semester Research Assistant, Maltepe University, Department of Philosophy,  Faculty of Letters - Istanbul / Turkey.   
2000-2002 International Relations Coordinator, Forestry Workers Union of Turkey affliated in IFBWW (International Federation of Building and Wood Workers)  




Phd.Study, Ankara University, Department of Philosophy . Das Thema: Martin Heideggers "der Ursprung des Kunstwerkes", The Title: Relation Between Being, Work of Art, and Human Being In Martin Heidegger's Conception of Art, Advisor: Prof. Sabri Büyükdüvenci, 210 p.

Key Concepts: being, art, work of art, origin, human being, poetry, thinking, truth, language, dwelling, technology.


 MA Study in METU (Middle East Technical University, Department of Philosophy ) Title of MA Thesis: "Kant's Dichotomous Philosophy In the Critique of Judgment"

1993-1997 Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Philosophy   
1989-1992 Denizli High School / Denizli  
Interests Twentieth Century Philosophy, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Classical German Idealism, Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Being, History of Philosophy.  
E-Mail ,  

Sanart (Ankara), and Fesatoder (İstanbul)


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